Lava Effect

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Very easy effect to achieve.

What mine looks like.


1. Create new document. Any size. Preferably square dimensions.

2. Set your Foreground color to #c90202 nd Background color to #000000.

3. Go to Filter>Render>Clouds. Then “CTRL = F” 3 times. Then do Filter>Render>Difference Clouds and “CTRL = F” 3 times.

This is what you should have so far.


4. Do Image>Adjustments>Levels and use these settings.


5.Final Step. Go to Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap and apply these settings.

Plastic Wrap



Easy huh!

Thanks for reading Peace


Merry Christmas

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Just made this after following THIS tutorial. Took a while but worth the time invested.


Facial Hair

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I’m going to do this tutorial a little differently than my previous tutorials.

First off, open the image you are going to add the facial hair to.Here is the one I’m using. It’s my son Tyler.

open image

Duplicate the background layer. Press “CTRL + J”

Use whatever method you feel most comfortable with to select the area for the facial hair. I used the “Pen Tool”. If you use the “Pen Tool” like I did press “CTRL + ENTER” to make the selection complete.


Select the “Brush Tool” and open the brush palette so we can make the facial hair brush.

Brush Tool



Shape Dynamics


Color Dynamics

Transfer and Smoothing

Now start brushing inside your selection until you get a result similar to mine or the way you want it. This step can be tricky to get the hang of so be patient until you get the result you want.

Have fun with it.

Here’s my result.


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One Way to Make a Rock/Stone Texture

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There are several different ways to accomplish this in Photoshop,
but this is the quickest AND easiest I’ve found.

As usual, click the pics bleow for instructions, and

thanks for viewing Winking smile

  1. Create Image
  2. Clouds
  3. Bas Relief
  4. Final


Pretty simple huh! Peace

Making Of “City-World”

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Click on each screenshot below

for higher resolution version.


Image Size

Image Size 2

Image Rotated

Polar Coordinates

Flipped Horizontal

SPot Healing Brush

Circular Marquee

Hope you enjoyed this as it is my first

attempt at writing a tutorial. Peace

Hello world!

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